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bosque 4November 1, Lewiston. The body of a woman was found at about 6:30 this morning in the dumpster behind Regent’s Drug on 10th and Sampson. Where you last saw her.
When Regent’s Drug employee Cheryl Simms saw the hand curled around a crumpled paper bag in the dumpster, she assumed it was fake—part of a discarded Halloween costume. “I thought it was some kind of glove,” she says. “Or maybe a rubber hand. Never in a million years did I think….” But as she discovered when she took a closer look, it was the unthinkable. Well, for Cheryl Simms it was unthinkable. Not for you.
Police have not identified the body. The woman is a Caucasian of average height and weight, perhaps in her mid-thirties, with pale red—well, you know. You loved that pink hair, the way it reminded you of your childhood cat, such an unusual color. The way it pooled in her lap and looked bottomless there. When you asked, she swore she didn’t dye it, she was pissed off that you even brought it up. That was the first time she made you angry.

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