Published by Sliver of Stone Magazine

When your cat Tuxie stares at you with vacant, glazed eyes—when one ear twitches, her body still, her air expectant—she is asking for (A) attention, (B) food, or (C) your spot on the sofa.
I’m sorry, no, the answer is (A) attention.
Do you think your late nights at work prevent you from giving her enough attention? Do you think she sits at the door in the evening, waiting for you, her paw reaching with hope to the door knob, wishing you home? Do you think she meows while she paws at the door?
Your cat is what we call under-motivated; she is an under-achiever. She spends too much time pawing at the door when you’re not home and staring at you with those blank green eyes when you are. But you mustn’t blame Tuxie for that, you mustn’t burden Tuxie with your expectations. Instead you must appreciate her free spirit—the spirit trying to break through the weight of your need.

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Image “Daisy” by Orbiture (via Wikimedia Commons).