Magazine Launch 2/29!

I’m adding “publisher” to my resume! I and my dear friends Cheryl Wilder of North Carolina and Suzanne Farrell Smith of Connecticut will go public on this leap year’s February 29 with our online magazine, where we will throw genre to the wind and celebrate literature without labels. Submissions open the same day, so stay… Read More

Author Talk 3/12

I’m researching a novel, working title Shiloh Women, inspired by 5 women who lived in the Lewiston/Auburn area in the 1890s. In honor of Women’s history month, I’ll share the stories of these women at the Woman’s Literary Union on Thursday March 12 at 2:00.

Freewrite Session 3/15

Every third Sunday, the Woman’s Literary Union opens from 2:00 to 4:00 to share the mansion with members and guests. Starting March 15, I’ll hold a freewrite session in the sunroom on these afternoons. Freewriting is a tweaked form of journaling meant to open up creativity and narrow the space between brain and pen. I’ll… Read More

Writing Workshop 3/28

I’m teaching my Small Wonders workshop at the University of Maine in Farmington for the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance Saturday, March 28, from 10:30 to 2:30. We’ll talk about the tools for writing successful micro and flash fiction, read and discuss model stories, and then write and share our own stories. Everyone will leave… Read More